Dosing CBD For Anxiety Disorder

Dosing CBD For Anxiety
Dosing CBD For Anxiety
Dosing CBD For Anxiety
Dosing CBD For Anxiety

In normal cases, a potential safety threat or embarrassing situation may initiate anxiety response in people. Anxiety disorder develops when the anxiety responses are generated even when a potential trigger is lacking. The formulations containing the cannabis compound CBD has grown popular as an effective anxiolytic medication that comes with minimal side effects.

 How to start taking CBD oil to handle your anxiety symptoms better? What is the right dosage of CBD? We attempt to answer these questions through this article.

How Much CBD Should You Take To Treat Anxiety Disorder?

Effective dosing of CBD is determined by a stepwise dosage procedure, where you establish a baseline dosage and make changes in it over a fixed period of time (mostly 3 days) till you find out the dosage that is ideal for you.

Details Of Stepwise Dosing Procedure

Starting low and going slow is the basic step in CBD dosage. Begin with small doses between 2-5 mg taken 2 or 3 times a day, accounting for total dosage of 6-10 mg per day.

  • You need to stick to your baseline dosage for 7 days and then notice the interaction of CBD in your body.
  • After the initial 7 days are over and if you discover that the dosage is not enough to give the benefits that you expect to have, you need to increase the daily dosage by 1or 2 mg every 3 days. This should be done till you get the expected benefits. The dosage you get at the end will be the one that works best for you.
  • After you determine the effective dose, you may try reducing the dosage by one step to check whether the lowered dosage will be able to maintain the optimum benefits.

Determining CBD Dosage Based On The CBD Product Type

The strength of CBD product and its intake method influence its dosage decision. The potency of a CBD product indicates the amount of CBD contained per unit volume of the product. When comparing two CBD products, one of low potency and the other of high potency, the latter need to be taken in lower doses when compared to the former.

The amount of CBD that is absorbed into the user’s bloodstream in an intake method is termed as its bioavailability. If an intake method has high bioavailability, taking the product in lower doses will do the trick. CBD oils can be taken sublingually or can be added to edibles. Higher percentage of CBD is absorbed into our bloodstream when we take CBD oil sublingually than when you add it to edibles.

The dosage of CBD products is influenced by various factors concerning the products and the user. The product’s strength, intake method recommended for it, the user’s body weight, metabolic rates, all have an influence on the dosage decision.