Comparison Between CBD Edibles And CBD Topical

CBD is a herbal supplement derived from the cannabis plant. Since it is effective in the treatment of diseases like epilepsy, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, etc., many people are now using CBD on a daily basis. In the beginning, there were only a few CBD products like CBD oils, pills, and tinctures, but now the situations have changed. Currently, CBD is available in different forms such as edibles, vape products and also as topical creams. Each of these different types of CBD products is unique and have some special effect on the user. Some of the differences between CBD edibles and topical products are as follows.

Basis Of Difference CBD Edible CBD Topical
Mode Of Consumption Oral Consumption Topical Application
Time To Take Effect More Less
Durability High Low
Price Low High

Mode Of Consumption

It is the biggest difference between CBD edibles and topical products. The studies have found that CBD is efficient in managing pain and also in repairing the damages on skin. This is the main reason for the development of CBD topical products. These products are available in different forms including creams salves and lotions. It allows the user to apply CBD directly to the infected area.

CBD edibles are not something new to the people because most of the CBD products that were launched in the initial stages were used for oral consumption. However, the new CBD edibles are one of the most innovative products because it helps the user to infuse CBD without the hardship of taking them in the form of pills and oils. CBD edibles are products in the form of normal edibles like gummies, chocolates, etc. having a specific concentration of CBD.

Time To Take Effect

The time required for these two forms of CBD is different. If CBD is consumed orally, a lot of factors decide the time required for these products to take effect that includes the physical and mental strength of the user, the quality of the CBD and also the condition for which he or she is consuming the same. However, even if a person is having high concentrated CBD it will take considerable time to show its effects because it needs to get digested to access the bloodstreams.

When CBD Creams or salves are applied to the skin, it will enter the bloodstreams through the oil glands on the skin. Since CBD is effective in interacting with the endocannabinoid system, it will surpass the protective layer of the skin easily. Hence it will give immediate relief to the user. if a person is suffering from pain or any skin problems it is better to apply CBD topically than consuming orally.


The time for which a CBD product can stay in the systems of the user differs in different products. It will also differ based on some factors like the quality of the product, the concertation, etc. When a person consumes CBD orally, it will take a lot of time to reach the systems compared to some other modes of consumption. However, it will stay in the systems longer than other CBD products. Even if a person is consuming low concentrated CBD products, it will stay longer in the systems of the user compared to other highly concentrated vapes and dabs.

On the other hand, the durability of CBD topical products is lower than edibles. Even though it is effective in giving the users a faster relief, it will not stay in the systems for a long time. This is the main reason for prescribing people to use CBD topical creams and lotions frequently or at least thrice a day for a long lasting effect.


The price of a CBD product changes depending on different factors like the proportion of the element, the quality of CBD, the validity of the third party certificate, etc. It is not possible to compare the price of two forms of CBD because its uses and features are unique. However, it must be noted that CBD edibles are comparatively cheaper than topical products.

The price of CBD topical is high not only because of its uses but also because of other ingredients used in its production. Most of the CBD topical will be having many other natural elements like jojoba oil, lavender extract, etc. to enhance its effectiveness. This makes it costlier than CBD edibles. The price of a CBD product also depends on the brand value, therefore, those products made by renowned manufacturers will be more expensive.

Even though CBD edibles and topical products are derived from the same plant, its effectiveness and uses are entirely different. If a person is suffering from diseases like anxiety, depression, seizure, etc. it is necessary to infuse CBD orally, but if he or she is suffering from skin damages or body pain, topical products are the best choice.