What Employers Should Know Regarding Cannabidiol

Benefits Of CBD Oil
Benefits Of CBD Oil
Benefits Of CBD Oil
Benefits Of CBD Oil

There exist many misconceptions about cannabidiol, largely because the CBD market is unregulated at a federal level. It is associated with marijuana and there are gray areas, so employers tend to be concerned about CBD. Here are some things you should be aware of about it.

It Does Not Lead To Impairment

Cannabidiol is among the many different phytocannabinoids present in hemp. It is different from tetrahydrocannabinol and does not make the user feel a psychoactive high, like THC. CBD is therapeutic and does not give you this effect. So your workers can use CBD for anxiety relief, pain relief, mental depression or numerous other health conditions. This will not negatively affect their capability to work as intended.

Marijuana-Derived Cannabidiol Can Show Up On A Drug Screening Result

For a CBD product to be legal, 0.3% should be the maximum amount of THC in it. That said, laws in some American states allow for slightly greater concentrations of it. If marijuana plant is CBD’s source plant, then it could contain more amount of THC, causing a positive outcome for THC on the drug screening.

You could not tell whether it came from CBD’s consumption or marijuana use. So you must look for any sign of impairment, like red eyes and delayed response time. If somebody tests positive for tetrahydrocannabinol, you may wish to chat with that individual to check whether he or she has a reason for the same.

Depending on where you live and the applicable law there, you may have to do the following.

  • Let the person submit evidence that a legal CBD consumption caused a positive result; and,
  • An individualized check for whether CBD’s consumption would affect the person’s essential activites and/or pose a threat to their own or other people’s safety and health.

You Need Not Accommodate Cannabidiol In Every Case

In general, you can keep workers from possessing or consuming any form of cannabidiol that has not yet been legalized at the workplace in working hours. However, in some situations, request for cannabidiol may cause a conversation to happen regarding whether the worker has any disability that needs a reasonable provision.

It Is Worthwhile To Form A Policy Regarding Cannabidiol

Before taking action against cannabidiol users, you should use certain guidelines to form a companywide policy on this. Think about revising the existing policies to tackle CBD consumption. You may legally have to let workers in American states where marijuana is legalized use CBD for the underlying health condition that prompts its consumption. Managers will have to know the way to tackle situations in which a worker protect themselves from a test by taking cannabidiol, so educate them on this.