How To Find Optimal CBD Dosage For Anxiety?

CBD Dosage For Anxiety
CBD Dosage For Anxiety
CBD Dosage For Anxiety
CBD Dosage For Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human response to uncertain or emotionally downgrading situations and it is quite normal. But, for some people anxiety responses happen quite often affecting their daily activities and behaviour to such an extent requiring medical intervention. Medically this is tackled through behaviour therapies or by prescribing psychiatric drugs. The problem with the latter is that there are undesirable side effects. This is where people can use CBD for anxiety because of its anxiolytic effects. For CBD to be effective, its dosage must be optimal and the aim of this article is to find the optimal CBD dosage for anxiety.

CBD Onset Time And Its Half-Life

Before discussing CBD dosage for anxiety, we need to know about its half-life and the onset time of its effects. The onset time of CBD effects depends on how you consume it; for inhaling it is 1 to 2 minutes, and for oral consumption, it is 30 to 90 minutes. Half-life is the time required for the human body to eliminate half the amount of CBD consumed and it ranges from 18 to 32 hours. This means CBD effects continue in your body days after consumption.

However, the active life of CBD i.e. duration for which you truly experience its effects is shorter and depends on the method of consumption. For oral consumption, this lasts for more than 4 hours because it is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive system. But, when you inhale, the active life is around 2 hours as it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the highly permeable alveoli of the lungs.

CBD For Anxiety

Scientific studies have shown that you can use CBD for anxiety disorders, it is also useful for treating panic disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety etc. In majority of these cases, they used pure CBD i.e. CBD isolate or 99% CBD. Besides, other studies show that a combination of CBD and THC in the ratio of 1:1 to 10:1 is also effective in treating or managing anxiety issues. CBD to THC ratio of 1:1 is used in Sativex, a medicine used for treating multiple sclerosis. From a unique scientific study, it was found that people who suffered anxiety attacks before public speaking were able to deliver lucid speeches after they were administered with CBD.

Other Uses Of CBD

Pilot studies in children have shown that CBD can be used to improve behavioral issues in autistic children. Multiple evidence from scientific studies shows it to be effective in treating and reducing the frequency of epileptic seizures. Besides, the FDA has approved the drug Epidiolex that is made from synthetic CBD. It is useful for treating Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes in children above 2 years of age. Last but not least, when consumed, it was also found to be effective in the short-term reduction of blood pressure.

Determining Optimal CBD Dosage For Anxiety

The optimal CBD dosage for anxiety depends on how you are using it and here we will consider its oral consumption. Even the time of the day is important because of the varying CBD levels in your body as you will be using it throughout the day. You can also microdose CBD to split the daily CBD dosage into smaller doses and consume through the day or twice a day so that its anxiolytic effects lasts the entire day.

The weight of the individual is important and the dosage varies accordingly. The general recommendation is 1 to 6 mg of CBD per 10 lbs of bodyweight. You begin by consuming roughly 1 mg per 10 lbs during the day and 1.5 to 2 mg per 10 lbs in the evening. The daily dosage is split into daytime initial dose, evening initial dose, pre-bed dose and re-dose. These are explained below.

Daytime Initial Dose: This is the first CBD dose for the day and can be consumed anytime during the day, but it is ideal to take it in the morning. The dosage should be minimal compared to the evening dose because the CBD effect is going to be more accentuated.

Evening Initial Dose: This is the CBD dose that you consume in the evening after dinner or work and it should be higher compared to the daytime initial dose.

Pre-Bed Dose: This is the CBD dosage that you should take if you are consuming it only before bedtime. Because of this, it should be higher than the evening initial dose as you are only consuming one serving per day.

Re-Dose: This is the amount of CBD that you must consume after the effects of the initial dose wears off and it is usually 1/4th of the initial daytime dose or 1/6th of the initial evening dosage. Take this amount of CBD and wait for 1 hour to feel the effects when you are orally consuming CBD.

These are the points that you should bear in mind when using CBD for anxiety. The type of cannabidiol product that you are consuming is also equally important while finding CBD dosage for anxiety.